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Reversible, waterproofs, protects

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Exclusive distributor of the American brand PLASTI DIP elastomeric paint for France.


PLASTI DIP is an elastomer paint made of synthetic rubber that is resistant to mould, acids, abrasion, weathering, electric arcing and corrosion. PLASTI DIP is a reversible elastomer coating that is used to cover, protect, seal, identify, insulate, waterproof or seal metal, wood, glass, rubber, concrete, fabric, fibreglass, rope or even paper…


PLASTI DIP elastomer paint is applied by brush, by dipping or by spraying on all types of substrates and materials. After three applications (wait 30 minutes between each coat) and at least 2 hours of drying in the open air, the product polymerises. A protective film of synthetic rubber is then obtained. Of satin aspect, the result obtained is non-skid and very pleasant to the touch. Flexible, it doesn’t crack and offers some grip. Moreover, it is resistant to mould, impacts, scratches and scrapes, abrasion, acids, sea water, weather, electric arcing and corrosion.


  • Aerosol

    350 ml

  • Jerry can

    214 ml | 429 ml | 3,785 l | 18,925 l


Presentation in vaporizeraérosol 350 ml
Presentation in jerry can429 ml; 650 ml; 3.78 l or 18.9l
Available ColoursBlack, blue, red, yellow, white and transparent
Tensile strength according to ASTM D-638257 Bar – Excellent
Elongation according to ASTM D-638430 %
Cut resistance according to ASTM D-1044Very good
Stone abrasion according to ASTM D-3170Excellent
Chemical resistance
  • To acids, alkaline products, pollutants, sea water, solutions based on chlorine or ammonia, caustics…
  • To petroleum products and acetone
Insulating properties according to ASTM D-1491200 V/mil or approximately
48 000 V/mm
Shore A hardness according to ASTM D-224070
Resistance to salt fog according to ASTM B-117More than 1,000 hours
Weather resistance according to ASTM G-53 (Note: Stable / UV)7 to 10 years
Permeability to the dust according to ASTM E-96 (note: 1 square foot = 929 cm²)0.03 grains / square foot / hour
Covering PowerBetween 6 and 9 m² per layer
Opacity (tested with black)Achievement with 4 layers
Anti-slip powerExcellent

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