Rolling diaphragms


A perfect seal in piston systems

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Rolling diaphragms are flexible fluid control devices. They are used to ensure a perfect seal in all systems involving a piston and cylinder.

Made with an elastomer/fabric combination, they come in all shapes and sizes.


Rolling diaphragms provide many benefits for hydraulic and pneumatic control and measurement equipment such as regulators, control cylinders or geothermal pumps.

The membranes that we manufacture are ideal for systems that must respond to the slightest pressure variation.

They are resistant to very high temperatures (up to 315°C) and to all types of products (oil, ozone, alkaline products, steam…).

They provide a perfect seal without any friction or lubrication.

It is the ideal product to ensure strength and resistance but also the necessary hygiene in the agro-food industry (beverage dispenser, valves, liquid distribution tanks, diaphragm pumps).

How does it work?

The membranes unwind and roll from the piston towards the cylinder depending on the movements caused by the pressure.

Manufacturing according to your plans

We can quickly make all forms of membranes in all kinds of materials, for different applications and resistance requirements, even in small quantities, according to your requirements.

More than 1400 types are available.

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