Silicone sleeves


Shrinkable, resistant, protective

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In addition to many types of shrinkable sleeves, Miltech International offers you two ranges of special flexible sleeves for industrial fiberscopes.
  • OSS Grade

    • This Synthetic elastomer complies with BS 2848 T5, CLASS 180 T and BS 3858 T specifications.
    • This material has a great resilience and elasticity.
    • It retains all its flexibility properties despite extreme temperatures.
  • OSF Grade

    • This high resistance silicone is consistent with the BS 3G198, Part 1, T 4 standard.
    • FABsil silicone is highly tensile and heat resistance.
    • It can even be intermittently used up to a temperature of 250°C.

Customized choice

  • Colours

    • Black
    • Brown
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Grey
    • White
    • Pink

    Some are also available in transparent.

    Other sizes exist on order.

We can deliver them in continuous length or in the form of sleeves according to your instructions.

ISO 9001 / EN 9100

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